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Gravesend - Chris Bennett

Pete Jarvis is determined to confront the man who tried to kill him — his father.

But this family reunion will leave him with more questions than answers.

The stakes are high, as Pete must decide which life he really wants for himself ... before it's too late.

Available now in paperback and e-book formats


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What other authors are saying about Gravesend

"Gravesend is a witty, self-aware account of what can happen to even the most amiable young men in Britain today. It is unsettling — and a revelation."

Todd McEwen, author of Who Sleeps with Katz

"A blackly comic and barbed rendering of 21st Century peripheral England. Pete Jarvis might be an Everyman observer of our divisive and troubled times, if he weren't wrapped in its wide-knuckled fist."

Danny Rhodes, author of FAN