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The Key of the Storm - DW Storer

The Key of the StormNow available

Complete with new artwork, previously unreleased poetry, and an updated narrative, this new edition of DW Storer's The Key of the Storm was published by Pleasant Publishing's specialist imprint Lupine Press on 1 September 2016.

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About the book

The Key of the Storm raises the curtains on the darkly provocative trilogy, Through the Mirror Darkly.

Comforted by a powerful mystic as he observes the grisly conclusion to his death, DW Storer's autobiographical antihero is taken on a journey of classical proportions, as he absorbs, celebrates, and ultimately confronts lessons learned during the dawning of his afterlife.

Set in a timeless astral plane that is home to an exotic array of gods, kings, queens, ferocious beasts, historical figures and tortured souls, Storer includes factual accounts of his spiritual development and encounters with entities, both benign and malevolent, to reinforce his central tenet that even the most finely tuned will is susceptible to otherworldly temptation.

About the author

If insane I
So let it be
Who dares to dream
Such dreams
But me ?

DW Storer was born in 1966 in the town of Mitcham, Surrey. He has written and collated a wealth of material over the years in the form of experimental poetry and journals that describe his psychic and esoteric experiences.

After enduring the travails of the school system on leaving school he set forth to educate himself in those subjects that have become a passion. Through exhaustive research and enquiry into the Classics, European history, and the Occult, The Key of The Storm, which is his first published work and part of a series titled Through the Mirror Darkly offers the reader insights, which grow darker with each book, into the subject matter.

Eschewing modern technology, and especially television, DW far prefers to immerse himself in research and writing and welcomes enquiries from readers who wish to either discuss points in the books or their own experiences.

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