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Gravesend - front coverGravesend

Chris Bennett

Pete Jarvis is determined to confront the man who tried to kill him — his father.

But this family reunion will leave him with more questions than answers.

The stakes are high, as Pete must decide which life he really wants for himself ... before it's too late.

Available: 1 May 2018

After the Beanstalk

David Oates

Ever wondered how Jack the Giant Slayer followed up his finest moment?

In this fantasy satire, Jack and his motley entourage take on Graum, the dragon that's been terrorising the city of Alonsea, though the quest is not all it seems.

Available: Summer 2018

367 Days That Shook Cricket - front cover367 Days That Shook Cricket

Graeme Harper and James Salter

The dominance of W.G. Grace, the burning of the Ashes, Bodyline, the first one-day game, World Series Cricket, under-arm bowling, Twenty20 pageantry and match-fixing have all left their indelible mark on the history of cricket. But what if the events that really rocked the game's foundations were not so well-known?

367 Days That Shook Cricket casts conventional wisdom aside, to reveal the long-hidden secrets that altered the course of a game loved by millions the world over.

This fictional history provides a humorous take on a sport that is synonymous with the virtues of fairness and integrity. From rogue umpires, tipsy tea-ladies and confused scorers to film stars, sex symbols and rock 'n' rollers — 367 Days That Shook Cricket is a laugh-out-loud book that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Available: Spring 2018